I was talking to Granddaughter Reese Monday morning as her momma was trying to get her to eat lunch and tried to figure out her age. I couldn’t see the calendar and got it wrong. When I got back to my office, I discovered she was seven months young on Sunday. It’s hard to detect any change when I see her almost every day, but that’s a welcome problem if you want to call it that.

I could never visualize Adrian and Davis one day older than they were. Still can’t.

Snider will be one month old on Oct. 9. Van will be two on Oct. 28. Ben will be 11 on Feb. 4.

– I went to the hospital fundraiser, but missed the surprise performance. The Rekoil bass player loaned his guitar to Dr. Wyant for a couple of songs and Ginelle Esry, who also works at the hospital, sang a couple. Sorry I missed that. Hope you didn’t miss it.

– Wasn’t that some football game Friday night? The Stockton Tigers were a lot better than I thought they’d be. When our Dogs went into the half one point behind, I told Kimball, who was on the sidelines with me shooting photos, “Just wait until the second half. You’ll see a different team.”

I had full confidence that Coach Beckner would analyze the Tigers and come up with plays to turn the tide. I was not disappointed.

Each Monday, I look forward to reading Coach Kelley Beckner’s report of the game. He sees things that I don’t. I encourage you to read his report in this issue and to watch his interview on Spring City TV. The final score was 48-34.

Each Wednesday, Kimball interviews Coach Beckner and a player he brings with him. To find Spring City TV, type ElDoradoSpringsMO.com in the Search box. When El Dorado Spring Sun comes up, click on Front Page. Then on the right, scroll down to Spring City TV. All the past shows are archived so pick the week(s) you want to see. This past week she interviewed the Stockton coach about the upcoming Cedar County Bowl and our coach and a player.

As I was delivering newspapers to stores last Tuesday, I ran into a lady who evidently has a son in football. She is a fan of Coach Beckner because of the respect he shows to the players. That extends to his staff.

– Davis came out Sunday to watch the Saints play (without the injured Drew Brees).

His dog, Caddee, who we babysit, was being moody. Even though he tried to call her to the love seat where he was sitting, she would not budge from Kimball’s easy chair which she had taken over. Wouldn’t even look at him.

I think maybe he got her to come sit with him when he bedded down on the main sofa and Kimball took my easy chair when I slipped off to go on horizontal hold about half time. Davis did tell me that Drew Brees is throwing the ball some and may be back playing in a couple of weeks. You can tell that he is chomping at the bit on the sidelines.

– Derrill Price sent me a photo of a Chinese restaurant sign: With G/F 5 % off, with wife 10% off, with both free. KL

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