Bobby Budd asked me if I ordered the weather change.  I told him I had. No sense denying the unprovable. It does look a little suspicious that last year when they moved up the date of the Christmas parade, God moved up winter. He might do the same for this Saturday’s Christmas parade. It does sound like the temperatures (and the wind) will moderate by Saturday.  We  have the parade lineup for you.

– Our condolences to the Bryson and Carter families on the tragic death of Mr. Bryson.

– I spoke on the cell phone with Jeanne Hoagland Monday evening about the soup bazaar and bake sale as she was driving home on Hwy. 54. Her husband, John, had called her about AA Hwy. being a sheet of ice particularly in the S curves.

That was at 4:48 p.m. We got off the phone before she turned onto Hwy. AA.

Just to be sure she made it OK, I called her cell at 6:37 and she answered at home with her husband fixing supper.

Her drive on Hwy. AA was mostly uneventful.

She had never driven this car on icy roads since the other one burned in their house fire so she was taking no chances. When she passed a vehicle in the ditch on a straight stretch of Hwy. AA, she said to herself, “See there.”

But she made it on home without slipping a wheel.

– Daelen Ackley took care of business in record time Saturday at the state cross country meet. I did some long distance running in High School but not in the class of Gary Hardison or Jimmy Gardner.  I never did like the bitter taste it put in my mouth.

I remember once the coach had us competing in 100-yard sprints two at time. The coach was at the finish line firing his starting pistol. I was paired with one of the really fast sprinters like Tom Tough or Gary Hightree. So, I kept my eyes on the coach and when I saw the smoke from his starting pistol, I started. Don’t remember if I won or not, but I did pretty good in that race.

– Since I’m long past running races. I have put my smokeless powder muzzle loaded up for sale. Clean it when you want to. I’ve also quit hunting deer because of CWD. Look in the classifieds section.

– Caddeaux thinks he is a big boy at nine plus years old (63 in people years) and prefers to “go” outdoors. But he won’t brave the elements if the wind is blowing as it was this morning. Kimball said he was really angry that he had to use the litter box and was almost kicking the litter out on the floor.             KL