I went to the front of the office to have my usual conversation with Reese, our 8-month-old granddaughter. I asked her momma, Erica, if she had a good weekend. She said she did not. Then I remembered Reese had to go to the hospital emergency room to be treated for a double ear infection. She seemed OK Monday morning.

I remember Adrian and Davis having ear infections. Not a pleasant memory for parents. Kids forget.

– One time, Kimball and I stopped in Fayetteville, AR, at A-1 Chicken, a favorite eating place of Jim and Mary Luster and us, too. As we left A-1 Chicken, we got the Lusters’ standing order. I didn’t have Jim’s home number, so as we got back on the road, I called the police dispatcher and asked him to have Jim call me on my cell phone.

When Jim called me back, he asked where I was and I told him we were still in Arkansas.

Later Jim told me that the dispatcher had just heard an officer run a license plate that came back to Kenny Long. The dispatcher told Jim I was probably trying to get out of a ticket.

We had a good laugh in about two hours when we delivered the order to Jim’s house and he paid me for their fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans.

– I was surprised to learn about the death of our long-time neighbor, Tommy Huff. Rode the school bus with him and his sister, Brenda. I saw him out around his pond this fall. Didn’t even know he was in bad health. Our condolences to his family.

-We have some photos from the Christmas parade Saturday. Decent weather. Good crowd.

-Deer season opened Saturday. On my way home about 8 p.m. Saturday evening. I saw something on my side of Road 601 that looked odd but I couldn’t figure it out until it was almost beside me. Pretty little eight point buck facing me with his head held high. He never flinched as I passed within three feet of him.

-Derrill Eason told me a deer hunting story after the school board meeting. His 11-year-old grandson wanted to go bow hunting last week, so Derrill told him to get in the stand that is half way between their houses. The boy tried rattling for the first time.  Suddenly a nice buck appeared under his stand looking for the fight. The boy got buck fever so bad he couldn’t get his bow off the hanger before the buck walked off. Then he was afraid to get out of the stand in case the angry buck came back.

– I wouldn’t want my life to depend on the Internet. A young lady texted me her email address so I could send her some information last week. She never replied to any of my emails so I did some checking.

My mistake. Her email address was her name followed by a “1” which I overlooked. I resent a couple of the emails Monday evening and told her I goofed. Had to really watch my computer, though. It tried to go back to the original incorrect address. KL