You will have a chance to see history in the making this Friday at 1 p.m. in the upper gym free. 

First. Bulldog wrestlers will host a match with Buffalo. Then for the first time ever, Lady Bulldog wrestlers will host a match with the Lady Buffalo wrestlers.

– There’s an old 14th century saying…“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

 Originally intended as a compliment, it refers to a person that’s a generalist rather than a specialist, versatile and skilled at many things.

 Today, it’s often used to paint a less flattering picture…describing a person whose knowledge, while covering a number of areas is superficial in all of them.

 But let’s face it…As an entrepreneur in today’s fast-paced business environment, you’re either a “jack of all trades” or you get buried with a spade.

– A lady came up to me as I was delivering newspapers to Woods on Tuesday and told me her Marine grandson had visited. She asked what I would charge to put the photo and article in the paper. With my thumb and forefinger I formed a zero and asked her if that was overpriced.. As she left, she said it was, but that she’d see me later.

-Kimball brought most of her fruit bowl back to the office after lunch. (It’s still hard for me to call the noon meal lunch. At home, Mom and Dad called it dinner. The evening meal was supper.)

Anyway, we had a late noon meal. About 4 p.m. I took the school check register, obviously sent to me by mistake, to the front desk where Erica hangs out with our nine month old granddaughter, Reese, who was chewing on a piece of kiwi. I commented on it and Erica told me Reese ate a section of Mandarin orange in two bites. She likes oranges, Momma said. So do I.

Someone from the school is supposed to come pick up the check register if they want it. I’m not going to pay the nearly $430,000 total.

– It amazes me how many billion dollars the news said people spend shopping. There used to be 33 businesses on Main Street when we first took over the newspaper. I hope you will remember to shop at home when you can. That’s what will keep our local businesses in business. And that’s the reason a lot of them are gone. 

Two weekends ago, Reese had a double ear infection. Davis and Erica were glad they only had to drive a few blocks to get her to the Cedar County Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. Something to think about when it comes up on the ballot before too long. It could be you, or your child, or your grandchild or another family member. You do know that renters don’t pay property tax? We do and I voted for it both times.

– I’m glad firearms deer season is over. I turned on the floodlights on our house every pre-dawn and pre-evening. I’ve done that since we moved into the timber in the fall of 1989.

There’s one guy I wish could afford binoculars. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him walking in the field north of our house, stop and aim his scoped rifle at my house. I haven’t seen him there the last few years. Course, I haven’t seen any deer either. A couple of hounds ran off all the deer and turkeys. KL