There are big things afoot in El Dorado Springs, but I don’t have much hard information for you.

One bit of solid info – on Monday a bulldozer was moving dirt on the west side of First Street across from Woods Supermarket.

City Manager Bruce Rogers told me that the long rumored Dollar General Store is about to get underway. He said that bulldozer is just doing preliminary digging to see what is there. He was able to tell me that the Dollar

General  plans which City Inspector Aaron Smith has in hand call for a 10,640 sq. ft. structure. No start or completion date was given. But it will be in the city limits so the town (and the county) will benefit from the sales.

No known connection, but Kimball heard on the street that the former Woods Supermarket building and the former Shopko buildings sold.  A businessman  heard that it was just the Shopko building that sold.

Kimball couldn’t find out anything more but said she was told that the papers will be signed this Friday and we can find out more after that.

Meanwhile, the proposed Grain Belt transmission line for power generated by wind turbines is about to come up for a vote in the Missouri House. It will take a total of nine acres by eminent domain in eight Northern Missouri counties for the poles. It will mean $200,000 for the City of El Dorado Springs in energy savings and thousands of jobs in the state.

The suit against Senate Bill 391 of which Cedar County is one of the plaintiffs goes to trial on Feb. 16 in another county. The Bill outlaws the restrictions Cedar County and about 22 other counties placed on where Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) can be built, but doesn’t ban them from Cedar County. KL