I missed our visit last week. I was on horizontal hold in the sick pen.

I’ve never had blood poisoning before. Don’t particularly recommend it.

At noon Friday I was editing copy at my desk. Just before Gwen walked in, I got cold, then I got sick. Stayed nauseated the rest of Friday and unsteady on my feet. Couldn’t think fast enough to put two thoughts together.

Got up Saturday morning to go photo the Sidewalk ribbon cutting and the beginning of the FFA race. Back home and to bed.

Kimball wanted me to shoot the Chamber banquet. Too sick for that so she did both,

Sunday, Adrian thought my symptoms sounded like a stroke so we asked Tom and Margaret to come down and assess.   Diagnosis: ER.

Loree Tyler and Amanda Schiereck took it from there. Then Dr. Casey entered the mix.

I soon had an IV pumping medicine in my right arm. There was always time for a snack or supper or a side trip down to X-ray.

Loved the breakfasts.

The medical staff assured me I had made the right choice coming to the ER. I was sicker than I realized.

By Monday morning, I was putting names to the friendly faces. I already knew most of these folks.

An LPN from Lockwood knew Davis because he had gone down to visit Jon Howard Beaty.

A pretty, tiny LPN asked me if I took pictures. She was in a group of cheerleaders I photoed before she graduated in 2015.

I made arrangements with Amanda Silvers to get a photo of Claire, Shelby Barger and Chandler Allison when two of them get back from the National FFA Convention. National is terrible at that.

I was having a coughing fit while Patty Lurten was giving me a breathing treatment. She asked me if I did that a home. I told her,”No. I just do it in public to show off.” Didn’t help her breathing for a while.

So, in case you can’t tell, I received excellent, friendly care within very easy driving distance for Kimball and Davis. When I was in Select Specialty recuperating a couple of years ago, the care was equally good but it was a chore for Kimball and Davis to get down there three times a week. And two or three miles takes less gas than 200.

I’m still not 100% but I’m a little better.

Sense of humor on back order for next week. KL

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