Now is not a good time to get arrested in Cedar County. They have seven confirmed cases of Covid 19 including the sheriff and a staffer. Sheriff JimBob apparently didn’t show up for work Monday according to a dispatcher. The press release said he was self-quarantined.
Kimball was watching one of her Ancient Aliens shows, I think, when an Abraham Lincoln quote came on the screen: What ever you are, be the best that you can be.
– I think the quote from Tim Scott. Republican member of Senate is catchy: From cotton to Congress in one lifetime.
Oh, I told you I wasn’t going to watch any of the Republican convention. When Kimball got home from laying out the paper sometime after midnight Monday, she woke me up as planned so I could eat some cereal and take my pills. I turned on Hannity and got hooked.
I got so amped up with patriotism it was hard for me to go sleep.
-Did any of you see the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol wandering around lost on Monday. They were supposed to deliver $10 millions dollars to someone and I was hoping it would be me. No such luck. I’ve never lost a red cent on the lottery and I didn’t buy any of the thousands of things they tried to sell me. I did spend way too much time filling out forms. No more.
– Our new cat, Jack, has totally taken over the house. If I move during the night, he has to come stick his nose in my face and Kimball’s face to see if we are OK.
I think I know how to stop that, but I don’t know how I’d stop Kimball if I back handed the lanky kitten. He’s everywhere at once.
He is good company. And talks all the time.
– Oh, Reese has decided I’m not so scary after all. During her jabberfest on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, she will stop by the door of my office and utter some choice jabber-walkee. She is clear on one thing. Whatever you ask her to do, the answer is “No.” But she is developing manners. She plainly says, “Thank you,” when you hand her something, just before she throws it on the floor. I anticipate seeing Reese, Van and Snider together. Ben can referee. KL

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