Sheriff Jim Bob wrote on FaceBook  “So how did that there mail in voting work out? What a good idea that was. Worked so well I think we should expand on it next time. Maybe vote by Facebook or Twitter. Or how bout vote by text…just text your vote to BR549. Probably could just do away with in person voting all together.”

I was taking to our preacher, Bro. Howard Hamilton, after church Sunday and told him Kimball and I haven’t watched any election news.  ̇He said he won’t pay any attention to the news until after the Supreme Court rules on the lawsuits.

We were in Louisiana staying at a cousin’s house after the election that ultimately seated “W”. It looked pretty iffy until the Supreme Court issued some rulings. I figure that’s what will happen this time. I listened to Rush a little bit at noon Monday and he said, among other things, that the Supreme Court may rule on a whole slug of Pennsylvania ballots that were submitted after the 8 p.m. deadline and that four justices have indicated they won’t allow them. I think he said the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did allow them.

I voted in-person Tuesday p.m. in City Hall. Didn’t get the results until Wednesday, too late for the paper. Didn’t lose a single vote. All three counties went for Trump and Parson.  Still don’t like Senate Bill 391 that overrides the sensible solution to the placement of Confined Animal Feeding Operations our three commissioners developed after a lot of careful consideration. I thought about that before I marked the ballot for Parson.

• Our granddaughter, Reese, has outgrown her fear of Grandpa.  At 18 months, she still can’t walk, but she comes trotting into my office when I call her. When she finally learns words, she’s going to be a talker.  She’s good for some lengthy jabber fests when she comes to my office. I do understand “wa wa” and am able to tell Davis when she wants a drink. And there’s no doubt who “Da Da” is. She has some name for Dog that we all recognize.

• Charlotte Covert Arnold put marriage tip No. 2 on her FaceBook Page, “When the wife is mowing the yard is not a good time to ask when supper will be ready.” Her dad, Bro. Dean Covert, was our pastor at Concord when he died. Once a preacher from another kind of church came to a revival meeting at Concord and brought a notebook and one of his flock. He was going to diagram the sermon, I guess. Of course, Bro. Dean didn’t have any notes. A few minutes into the sermon, the visiting preacher didn’t either.

When church dismissed, it was raining cats and dogs. The visiting preacher couldn’t wait to get out the door.

• I was glad to see in Jim Floyd’s obituary that as a boy he attended West Union, was saved and joined the church. I wonder how many other people are out there that were saved when they were young.

• I haven’t gotten to talk to anyone who was there, but I heard that a 92 year old man was saved at Oyer (Peasant Springs Missionary Baptist Church). I know that his late wife was saved and he attended with her. He kept attending after she passed.

• That’s the way it’s done. Keep seeking until you find Him. How will you know? As Grandma told Dad, “You’ll know.” KL