While it was raining on Saturday, Nov. 21, I was glad to not be standing out in the weather trying to take pictures of the Christmas parade or that Kimball wasn’t out in the weather. Even so, it seems like a big chunk of the Christmas season is missing. Justin Swager feels that way and is trying to organize a Christmas parade for 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12, down Main Street between Fields and Broadway. He has obtained the permits he needs from the El Dorado Springs Police. I say, “Good for him.”

If you want to watch just show up. Justin said the Fire Department and Police will keep cars from parking on the curb in the two blocks of downtown.

If you want to participate, contact Justin at 417/296-6287.

• Andy Graves facebook post – Please pray for my wife. She is not sick, just married to me.

You can add Kimball to that list for being married to me.

-Old Fashion Gospel Hour is actually a half hour each Sunday morning at 7 a.m. on Ch. 27 locally. Missionary Baptist Churches in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana have been sponsoring the program for 40 years. We’ve been recording it for about a year since Marlon Collins told me about it and I play it back while I eat breakfast. I’ve never heard one of their preachers say anything I don’t believe. A different church does the singing each Sunday and their pastor preaches. They never ask for donations.

I mentioned it at church Sunday and Janet Jones said she couldn’t imagine me getting up at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning to watch the program. She’s right. We record it and play it back while I eat breakfast.

• Kimball has a talent I didn’t know about. A few weeks ago there was a Chief’s game on Sunday night, When I tried to turn off the TV I got an odd message on the screen. The TV wouldn’t play until Kimball called the company and a Direct TV repairman came, pushed a few buttons and got it going.

• This past Sunday night, I stayed up and watched the Chiefs squeak out a win after running away with it in the first quarter. Tom Brady still has some firepower when he gets going. Thankfully, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs came out of the chute ready to rumble/

• I don’t want to see them play the Saints because I’d be pulling for Drew Breese, too.

• I forgot something last week. Adrian was or is good friends with Moody Graves’ granddaughters, Kali and Jami Carpenter. Once their dad, Jerry, had something happen that really hit his funny bone. He picked up his daughters after school and Adrian was with them. Kali and Jami got into the car and without saying a word, so did Adrian. Jerry thought the only thing to do was deliver her to the Sun office, so he did. That’s small town USA. KL