Well, it happened late Sunday, the Chiefs faced the New Orleans Saints in a critical game. Drew Brees was back in pads and a flack jacket still nursing 11 broken ribs and a recently punctured lung.

The game caused some dissension in our family. Kimball pulled for the Saints as did our son, Davis. It was kind of a toss-up for me, but I guess I really wanted the Chiefs to win.

I saw a cute TV shot and comment during the game. It showed two of the Brees’ three sons in the glassed in box watching the game and said that their favorite player is Patrick Mahomes. One or both of them wants an autographed jersey from the Chief’s quarterback for Christmas.

Wonder if they realize that the bankroll for their lifestyle comes from their dad’s prowess on the football field?

The game Sunday night was everything I was afraid it would be – a real shoot-out between two football superstars. Except for a forced KC fumble that went on through the end zone instead of being covered for a TD, the Saints might have won the game.  Exciting game.

• For the 40 years or so we have gone down Hwy. DD to  Concord Church, we have noticed a small cemetery in a small patch of timber northeast of where the Bargers live on the other side of the highway. In recent years the undergrowth has been cut down to where you can actually see the tombstones.

  I got to wondering the name of the cemetery. I called Eldon Steward, who I knew had helped restore a cemetery or two, and he did not have any idea about it or the small one in the field southwest of where Uncle Cleo Long used to live on the Dobbs place on Horse Creek.

• Kimball came to the door of my office Monday and said, “Preston.” She finally told me she had called Margie Barger who told her the name. Margie told Kimball that Everett and Linda Smith had cleaned it up a couple of years ago and kept the undergrowth cut back. Of course. Everett was the caretaker of the Lebeck Cemetery just down the road. Linda assisted him with that labor of love, too. Linda said that when they started on the Preston Cemetery, they had to reset stones the cows had knocked over. Linda said Everett fixed it to keep the cows out.

• -If you know anything about the small cemetery on Horse Creek, please let me hear from you.

• -Linda said Everett’s oldest son, William, has taken over care of the Lebeck Cemetery.

• -Some family traditions are set in stone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.                                                     KL