Have you found Spring City TV yet? I’ve talked to several people who haven’t. It just aired a Christmas program and has lots of local singers. To find it, search for  El Dorado Springs Sun newspaper facebook. You should get El Dorado Springs Sun – Newspaper – Home | Facebook. Click on that and you should get the Spring City TV logo. Above that click on 10:29 p.m. Dec. 24.

• Christmas Day my sister, Margaret, and her husband, Tom, came over and had dinner with us.  I know some of you call the meal in the middle of the day “lunch,” but Mom and Dad called it dinner and so do I.

I couldn’t begin to tell you what we talked about, but did we ever… talk. It sure was nice to have company for dinner.

• Davis took Ben and Reese to church on Sunday at Concord. Unsolticited, Reese gave the preacher’s wife, Glennis, a hug. After church, Davis, Ben and Reese came to our house for dinner. Reese, at 21 months old, has more energy than she knows what to do with. She never slowed down going from one “project” to the next. Jack the cat knew what to do – he hid out under our bed until long after they went home. Caddee, Davis’ dog, got the most of Reese’s attention. I was afraid that Caddie might do something she never has done and turn on her tormentor, but she was a good sport enduring all the tail and ear pulling just staying out of the way the best she could.

Ben was good big brother rescuing Reese if she got herself trapped under the TV console or in a chair. Once or twice Reese almost did the unthinkable: She hunkered down on the carpet where the dog and cat sleep in the sunshine and got still for just a minute. A couple minutes more and one of those dreaded naps would have overtaken her, but she escaped just in time.

Davis’ main concern was pulling for the Atlanta Falcons to beat the Chiefs to help the Saints get to the Super Bowl. Ben told me he isn’t really interested in football. He had some sort of screen that quietly occupied his attention.  The game did not quietly entertain Davis, but the volume of his cheering did not save the Falcons.

I was quietly pulling for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Monday, Erica and Reese were at the office for a late lunch, see, I use it sometimes, and Reese was still full of energy and as cute as ever.

-Christmas Day, Tom told me that Donald Ray Boultinghouse is going to get his wish: Michaela is going to give him a great grandchild. He told me he wanted one, but would never say anything to her or her husband, Wade. Kind of like I was when Adrian and Cain got a bigger house. Or Dad and Mom bought the farm in 1946,

Our friend, computer tech, Dewey, is in a Florida motel doing a Covid 19 quarantine with his mother about two miles away. A good client needed help so Dewey flew to KCI then took a three hour plane ride with him to his plant. As Dewey was returning to Florida, the client called to report he has Covid 19. He gave Dewey a letter promising to pay for all his expenses. Dewey got to see a doctor Saturday, a grouchy old woman who lectured him for getting the virus and refused to give him any medication, but she confirmed he has it. His symptoms are like a moderately bad cold. He was feeling better Sunday. The old gal won’t give him a test to confirm he’s over it.

-The first baby of 2021 born to a mother who lives in a community served by the Sun will get an impressive list of prizes from area merchants. See Page 9. KL