It has been seven years since I attempted the Rock Wall. The only reason I do, is because Kenny isn’t feeling well.

That leaves the newspaper to me and Davis and Gwen – veterans of taking up the slack and getting things done that Kenny would have otherwise done.

Now it is me behind the desk wondering what to say.

Usually Kenny just calls out “whatta ya got?”

So, I just did that. Silence.

The TV here at the office is playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Granddaughter Reese who is a regular visitor to the newspaper office stays transfixed for hours watching Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Donald and Daisy Duck. I’m going to change it to the “Great British Baking Show.” I have no idea what those people are cooking. Strange names and stranger ingredients. I did learn that a biscuit is a crisp cookie, but what is a soft cookie and for heaven’s sake what is a biscuit, a real biscuit? I’ll have to ask Sylvia Ackley.

I did get a recipe for Yorkshire Pudding which I thought might be pudding like but isn’t. Its little puffy pie like things that you make in a muffin tin and then put meat or veggies or whatever in the middle.

Howard Hamilton, the preacher at Concord in Cedar Springs, gave me what he said was the greatest biscuit (real biscuit) recipe ever. It is his own and the neat part about is that you really don’t measure the ingredients precisely. That’s my kind of cooking. I’m going to try it

I took my first yoga class on Monday at Nature Made Garden Herb Shop taught by Angela Kenney. I feel all stretched out and refreshed. However, during the class I realized I have very little balance. If you see me wobbling around, you’ll know why. (it has nothing to do with the biscuits – British or Hamilton.)

I think all the city Christmas Decorations are down. I still have a few days of Christmas to go on my front windows at the Sun office. Gwen told me I really wasn’t late getting my decorations down. She said I won’t be the last to take down the decorations unless I wait ‘til Valentine’s Day – which is only a month away.

I hope you watched Kristin Wood on Hawaiian Shirt Thursday, Jan. 7. She was our guest on Spring City TV. This week, Jan 14, our guest will be Angela Kenney.

There is a possibility that former KC Chief Dante Hall might be in town for a Chiefs game out at the drive-in possibly as early as next weekend if it is a night game.  Would anyone be interested in helping the Opera House sponsor the event? Contact our facebook page

The New Year is already in a hurry. I’m glad we have a new year. I was going to say I hope it is nothing like 2020. And I really mean that, but even if it bears an eerie resemblance to 2020, at least it will be different.


Help me fill this space. Tell me what is going on with you.