I was sorry to hear about the death of Johnny Moore. I guess I’ve known him about as long as I’ve known anybody.

I remember him, his parents, Alfred and Kate, and his brothers and sisters from Pleasant Springs church which we always just referred to as Oyer.

Johnny was powerfully built. He milked cows. Once a salesman went to the milk barn during milking time and walked up on Johnny in all of the noise the equipment made.

The salesman told Johnny, “You know, in all this noise, somebody could come in and hit you over the head.”

Johnny said he didn’t think before he answered and the salesman looked a little funny, “He’d better get me the first time.” Johnny laughed when he told his stories.

– Kimball wondered if anybody had trouble falling back – to regular time. Fall had trouble falling this year. For years Kimball and I kept track of the day peak fall color arrived and it averaged hitting on Oct. 15. This time, I thought there might be a hint of peak color on Oct. 28. As usual, the next day I was sure it was yesterday.

– Well, we are charging on into fall festivities with or without the leaves changing. Monday, Nov. 21, will be the Christmas lighting complete with the crowning of Miss Merry Christmas.

Mike Parson is scheduled to be there either as Senator Parson or Lt. Governor-elect Parson to cook free hotdogs. State Rep. Warren Love always helps with that event.

Just in case Mike is called away for some new duties as Lt. Governor, I suggested that Kimball invite Sheriff-elect James McCrary and  comedian-elect Police Chief Jarrod Schiereck. You know it will be a hoot if we get all those guys together.

– No VFW ceremony at the City Cemetery Friday, Nov. 11, but they suggest everybody go to the one at the school gym at 1 p.m. Some type of scheduling problem.

– OK, gotta run to the volleyball banquet.

-When I got there and looked for a place to sit, Kensi Esry (don’t know her married name) pointed for me to sit at the next table. I asked why. She said no one would sit with Connie Esry. I was glad to sit there and glad I did. We had a delightful conversation. I asked Connie to write down the award winners for me since she knew all the girls. Boy, that worked out great.

She told me about Kent’s close call out in Kansas. He was driving his semi through a construction zone and had just put his licensed pistol in the passenger seat when a construction worked held up a sign for him to stop. Kent did and the guy jumped up on his running board and told Kent he Kent, was going to take him somewhere. I think Connie may have said the guy had a gun. Kent in one swipe had his gun pointed between the guy’s eyes. About then, law enforcement started showing up, weapons drawn, and told the guy to get off of Kent’s truck.

Seems other drivers had called the law about the guy, who, with a stolen sign, had tried to way-lay them.

One of the lawmen asked Kent why he didn’t shoot. Kent said he really didn’t want to do that. He was shaken by the incident.

Now, Kent has modified his method of carry so his gun is always handy. KL