A big thank you to my neighborly neighbor, Cory Gayman, who dug out a foot path from the street to my door – twice.

And thank goodness the sidewalk destruction/construction people are back to work on my little corner of El Dorado Springs. I know they didn’t deliberately dig a hole and walk away to wait for cold weather, but that’s exactly what happened. I’m so glad they are back on the job.

  Someone asked me why “someother baby” wasn’t the first baby of the New year. I told him I didn’t know about the “someother baby” but when I was given the information about Alice Leigh Hart, I figured she and her family might be the only ones. You know, we’ve been doing this for at least 20 years, maybe longer. I would love for someone in El Dorado Springs to win all the prizes but we put the information out there and wait for someone to contact us.

  There is no need to look at a calendar, unless you really like the pictures. Time is moving too fast. So just in case you aren’t aware, this is the last week in February 2021. Spring comes in March, with or without the approval of a groundhog.

  I really hope that we get to have an Easter Egg Hunt in the Park – April 3. The April 11,2020, Egg Hunt was the first traditional thing I remember that was cancelled due to COVID- 19.

  Maybe this is sign of the times.. the American Legion re-starts Bingo on March 7.

  Kenny is off dialysis and it looks like he’s making progress to get himself back home. We had a lobby visit on Sunday. That means he was in the lobby and I was in the enclosed entry way. We spoke by phone.

  I’m looking for a cat friend for Jack. Kittenish black or calico female, preferably spayed. Know anybody?

  If the wind blows on Mars and there is nobody there to hear it, does it still make a sound? Yes, I just heard the sound of wind picked up by Perseverance.