March 1st is the beginning of meteorological Spring. That sounds so much better than waiting until March 20. Besides, my faithful little crocus north of my house has bloomed. Just one tiny pale-yellow bloom. I’ve checked my south yard for the jumbo crocus, but they’re all scaredy cats down there. They’ll wait until later in March or maybe even April to bloom.

I hope you saw our interview with Police Chief Jarod Schiereck last week. It was long so we did half on Hawaiian Shirt Thursday and half on Friday. His interview was the last of the Chicago interviews – Chicago Fire with Fire Chief Bob Floyd, Chicago Med with Dr. Andrew Wyant and Chicago PD with our own police chief. In all of the interviews I learned that our local folk’s jobs ain’t like it is on TV.

When I was introducing Chief Schiereck, I froze and couldn’t remember his name. He pointed out to me that it was written on his uniform. Then when I called him to get information about his daughter being the Beef Queen, he told me it was on Mandy’s Facebook page. I said, “who’s Mandy?” How embarrassing. I didn’t get it. I’ve always heard her referred to at Hospital Board meeting as Amanda Schierieck. And to continue with this winning streak, I referred to Avery as Ivory. At least I’m consistent.

Sylvia Ackley is one of our ElDo Folk. She is the second person to grace our front page as a new American citizen. The first was Alice Hacker.

I saw two turkeys on our drive-way Saturday. Caddee saw them, too. She’s the fastest running short, squatty dog I’ve ever seen. It is a good thing she can’t fly.

Construction continues on Main Street making our handicap accessible ramps more handicap accessible. I wonder if they’re going to add the raised pink dots to these. I’m sure they look exactly like they’re supposed to – which, for right now is kinda of blah. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that perfectly functional things should have an artsy quality to them.

Kenny continues to improve. He told me the lady that is his physical terrorist is making him move around and he’s sore. He has a walker that he calls a four-wheeler that he really likes, but I think the point of all the PT is so you don’t have to use it, at least not much.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and kind words. He should be home sometime soon. KSL