We will have services Easter Sunday morning at Concord Missionary Baptist Church with the pastor, Brother Howard Hamilton, preaching after Sunday School. He volunteered even though it is not a regular preaching Sunday. Then Sunday night at 7:30 we will start a revival meeting with Brother Alan Collins helping. Concord is located at Cedar Springs six miles east of El Dorado Springs on Hwy. 54, then north on Hwy. DD 1⁄2 mile. Everyone welcome.

• It’s taking a little while for me to settle in after 10 weeks of a forced vacation, AKA hospital and nursing home stay. My pain is in the area of my hip pockets because I have either been sitting or in bed all that time. I still don’t have enough balance to walk without something to lean on to keep me upright.

• Thank Goodness the Easter Egg hunts are taking place this year to entertain the youngsters.: At 5 p.m. Wednesday on the Cedar County Memorial Hospital west lawn; Saturday in the Park probably beginning about 9:30 a.m. when the breakfast concludes and beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Schell City Park.

• I sent several copies of last week’s paper with Madison Mays to Park View in Bolívar where I did therapy and launched to Springfield for several surgeries. I called Dana Johnson, my Arranger at Park View I mentioned last week, to confirm she received her copy. She said she loved it and wants to write her own column. Sounds dangerous. I told her to go ahead. Some people probably think it’s dangerous when I chat with you with nothing particular on my mind…or with something on my mind.

• Kimball and I are scheduled to get our second Covid virus shot. Dewey Hansen, our friend and tech guy, and his 87-year-old mother have taken both shots with no side effects. Kimball and I had no reaction to the first shot.

• We met our grandson, Nash, for the first time last Tuesday. He almost slept through it all.

• I think it’s about time to start listening for gobblers and deciding if I want to try to do anything about it. KL