The world just keeps getting crazier,

I heard on the TV news Monday morning that the Kentucky Derby winner tested positive for drugs. Of course, the 7 time wining trainer, Bob Baffert says he will appeal.

I hope this is not a Lance Armstrong situation where technology caught up with him. I actually hope Baffert wins his appeal.

• Well snagging season and turkey season have come to an end.  Neither started for me.

• I’m tired of being an invalid. People tell me how good I look. I ask when was the last time they had their eyes checked.

• Tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to hunt up all those exercise sheets one of my theraprists sent home with me.Then I’m going to think about it.

• I guess you know that retired Cedar County Assoiate Circuit Judge Dennis Reaves had a stroke a couple of months ago. His brother-in-law, Howard Hamilton, is our pastor at Concord, so we have been kept up to date on his progress. The crew at Cox apparently saved his life. Then his wife transferred him to Park View in Bolivar. Immediately that bunch of therapists there pounced on him. His wife, Glenda, told her sister, Glenis. our pastor’s wife, that they worked Dennis to exhaustion every day, As he makes progress, both his spirits and hers improved. I asked about Dennis over the weekend and the report was positive.

• Even though I know everybody on the staff at Park View, they can’t even confirm to me that Dennis is a patient there, so I never asked.

• All the time I was in Park View, Kimball visited me once through a plate glass window because of the virus. I hear from Howard and Glenis that Glenda gets to visit Dennis every day after she goes through a 15 minute Covid test. Kimball never even saw my room. I’m sure Dennis appreciates the visits.

• We wish him well in his recuperation.

• I don’t miss the Covid tests that put a stiff brush up my nose almost daily it seemed.

• -Kimball got the cutest ever Mother’s Day card. Snider, at less than two, had colored a yellow spot on  the card.

Van, at almost four, had drawn stick characters that represented himself, Adrian, Cain, Snider and Merle, their dog, all labeled by Momma. I’m not about to try to take that away from Kimball.  I might never get over being an invalid. KL