While Kimball and I were at lunch last week, Marsha Abbot came to our table with an interesting comment and question.

She said, “I really like the name your son and his wife came up with for their new baby. Is it a family name?”

Davis and Erica named their new baby Nash Wilder.

We told her truthfully that we didn’t have any idea where they came up with the name. They had picked out Nash Wilder weeks or months ago but were considering having those be his middle names. They were actually debating on adding a different first name (making a total of four names) to go in front of them. So it was a surprise to us. In fact, I had trouble remembering it for awhile.

Finally, I told Marsha, “It is not a family name. It is a family trait.”

Adrian is named for Kimball’s father who was dying with cancer and kept saying, “I wish that baby would hurry up and get here.”

Adrian was born on Kimball’s grandmother’s birthday, June 4. Kimball didn’t have to think long to come up with the middle name of Bernice.

We could have gone with nicknames but Bubba Ma didn’t get much consideration.

Since we had included both sides of Kimball’s family, we decided to name our latest addition after both sides of my family. Kimball and I liked the sound of Grandma Boultinghouse’s maiden name, Davis, whether it was a boy or girl.

For the middle name, if it was a girl, Grandma Long’s middle name was Elizabeth. We never even considered the name she went by, Nettie.

Grandpa Long’s first name was Charlie, so Charles was an easy choice for a boy name.

Some people told Kimball she couldn’t name a girl Davis.  I think I knew a Mavis in high school. But Kimball’s mind was made up. If he had been she, you would have had to get acquainted with Davis.

I still remember when we told Mom and Dad while they are at the kitchen table eating that we were expecting again. Mom said, “You’re kidding.” I said, “Yep, we are.” KL

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