We’re still here and working for you.

We heard that awards were given out Thursday night to Lillian Sunderwirth scholarship winners and we didn’t know about it. A lady told Kimball they didn’t think I was up to covering the event which we haven’t missed in years. Kimball covers events even when I can’t.

She kept the newspaper going the 10 weeks I was in the hospital. She couldn’t visit me in rehab unit. They were under Covid lock down most of the time. I hear that they have relaxed the restrictions recently. Recntly one of our retired former officials was in the same rehab where I was for about a week. His wife got to visit him every day after she went through the 15 minute Covid test.

We appreciate the consideration. But, please give us a call. We’ve made it to recent events in Fair Haven. We can surely make it down the street or across town. Just like it’s always been, it helps if you can give us some advance notice so we can plan accordingly.

I knew it rained hard Thursday before noon, but I didn’t know about the wind.  We didn’t have any storm damage at our house. About a mile away, I noticed Friday morning that a neighbor’s sweet corn was all still standing, but leaning hard to the south.

Aaron Ash at Sac Osage Electric said they only had to replace one pole but they had about 310 service drops down with tree limbs on them. He said most customers were offline less than an hour.

El Dorado Springs City Manager Bruce Rogers said the city suffered quite a bit of damage but he didn’t have a dollar amount. He didn’t have any estimate of private property damage.

He said. “We had several trees down. The crew worked until 1 a.m. the next morning getting power restored.

Rogers said, “I didn’t realize it was that bad here inside the building. I knew it was raining, but I didn’t know it was that windy. It was very short lived. Just a burst.”

Rogers said he didn’t attend the Broadband meeting at Sac Osage Friday because it didn’t involve the city. He said, “There might be a way to get Broadband for some of our businesses.”

I wonder what kind of postage bill Bob Floyd will get for airmailing the Santa Paula roof to the Post Office north lawn.

Kimball drove up St. James about noon and here came the twisted metal roof down Thompson with a tractor pushing it barely visible behind all the rubble. We had to slip into the Post Office parking lot and exit through the entrance to get around the storm damage. KL