Just had a pleasant conversation with City Manager Bruce Roger who is recuperating from having his wrist broken in three places. Come to think of it, don’t think I have ever had a conversation with Bruce that wasn’t pleasant. Right now his wrist is in a cast but the doctor will decide this Friday (or next) if he will insert pins.

Bruce said the way the mishap happened was he was running to try to keep track of a guy who had parked a pickup in the way and walked away just minutes before Picnic set up was to begin. Bruce rounded a corner and brushed against one of the anchored trash cans and it knocked him off balance and he threw out his arm to break the fall. He said if he hadn’t done that, he might have knocked teeth out.

By the way, Bruce, after he got up, went on down and got the guy to move his pickup then told Picnic Chairwoman Judy Baldwin he was going to the emergency room.

He said he was in the office every day last week. He can drive with one hand but doesn’t want to go out of town. He’s not in a great deal of pain.

-The Picnic Committee is going to meet on Aug. 11 to discuss the just completed event. Bruce said there were a lot of positives: the vendors did well, the entertainment was good, the Picnic made money. The only negatives were the missing merry-go-round and Ferris Wheel.

– Kimball felt sorry for Jack, our naturally tailless cat, Erica, Ben and Davis got for us, and wanted to get him a kitten to keep him company while we and Davis’ dog, Caddee, were gone during weekdays. Never heard of that before but I agreed and she started looking for a female black kitten. Neutered female cats don’t seem not to have the urinary track problems that males have.

It took awhile, but Davis brought a little bitty kitty to the office Bobby Fleener’s catery had produced. Kimball’s first reaction was, “She is so little she can’t even walk.”  Before long, Little Bitty Kitty turned into Little Bitty Demon who would just as soon bite and scratch as look at you.

Kimball just weighed her : four pounds. I was afraid Jack would resent having a new cat in the house. At first he was afraid of her. Now they rough and tumble day and night. Then they curl up together on the bed. If I or Kimball sit down, we soon have a kitten in our lap. Jack’s not a lap cat.

-Kimball named her Diane, but we never call her that. When she is handy and I’m ready change rooms, I pick her up and put her on my four-wheel walker seat. She looks regal as she reclines on the seat and lets me wheel her anywhere. I sometimes call her Princess. She often sleeps between our heads and purrs. There’s nothing fancy about her but we got Jack and us a new friend.

Oh, when we first got her, Adrian, Van and Snider were here. Van wanted to call her Thunder because he knew someone who had a Thunder cat. All Snider wanted to do was get his hands around her throat to carry her. Little Bitty Kitty soon learned to outrun Snider.  Princess now has enough firepower to discourage a two-year-old from being too rough. KL