Over the weekend, I asked Kimball if she was glad we’re out of New Orleans. She said, “No”.

After we drove all day getting away from Hurricane Rita (I think it was), I vowed to never get caught in one again. You may recall we went to Shreveport for a Parents’ Weekend with Adrian at Centenary and they sent everybody home. If we had still lived in Slidell when Katrina destroyed New Orleans and the twin bridges over Lake Pontchartrain, I don’t know how I would have gotten to work.

Kimball must be remembering the good food.

Adrian, Cain, Van and Snider live about 35 miles north of New Orleans.  They believed the weather reports and ran the length of the state to Cain’s hometown, Lake Providence. Fortunately, the weather guessers were wrong and Hurricane Ada went east of New Orleans. When the Gilfoils (Cain, Adrian, Van, Snider and Merle, their dog) got home Monday, they found the place pretty well intact – no flood water, no downed trees and the electricity was back on.

I still thank the Lord that He got us out of harm’s way. I miss the seafood at times but not seeing the sea in downtown.

• Do you remember Kimball’s reaction when she met Little Bitty Kitty? “She can hardly walk.” She and Jack, who I several times her weight, sound like a herd of buffalo as the chase each other all over the house.

Kimball’s hands and arms have the tell-tale marks of a demon kitten. She will attack anything or anybody, then crawl up on your lap, curl up and purr herself to sleep.

• I feel so sorry for the Americans and Afghans who helped us that we have essentially abandoned to almost certain death.

• And I feel sorry for the people on the Gulf Coast who get pounded by hurricanes all too often.

• – I was glad to learn from Kimball’s city council report why we didn’t have a Ferris Wheel and merry-go-round for the Picnic this year. I think setting the date for the Picnic on the third weekend in July makes a lot of sense.

• -At the Concord Homecoming a week ago Sunday, I asked our former pastor, Bro. DeWayne Burdette, where it says in the King James Version of the Bible that you can or should accept the Lord as your personal Savior. He said, “I guess I just haven’t read far enough to find that.” I asked him if he was familiar with the Old Fashioned Gospel Hour. He said, “I watched it this morning.” It comes on at 7 a.m. Sunday on Ch. 27. That was part of the preacher’s sermon last Sunday on the Gospel Hour which only lasts 30 minutes.

• -I have strict orders from my driver about what I can and can’t talk about. I am allowed to tell you that my heart specialist, Dr. Hoyas, has a chemical stress test scheduled on my heart for 8 a.m. Wednesday. A lady named Brooke is anxious to get me on her exercise equipment at the Medical Mall. Stay tuned. I may tell you more when and if I’m able. KL