You remember that I was suggesting to Dr. Wyant where to take his wife, Krystal, in New Orleans for their anniversary after he spoke to the doctors’ convention in Baton Rouge recently. The speech was well received. Dr. Wyant got three invites to come do it again. Different speech I suppose.

New Orleans didn’t happen. As he and Krystal were trying to get a car to go to New Orleans, somebody told him the city was still shut down because of the recent hurricane. So they found a place to eat in Baton Rouge.  They had shrimp and grits dish, Kimball said it was the same one we served at Adrian and Cain’s reception after their wedding. Dr. Wyant said they enjoyed it.

The first time I saw grits was at a hotel in Little Rock on my way to report for work at Progressive Farmer and Southern Living. I wondered why they would serve mashed potatoes with bacon and eggs for breakfast. Now I like hot grits and melted butter.

I guess Oysters Bienville at Felix’s and the beignets (square donuts dusted with powdered sugar) served with way too strong coffee at Café de Monde will be for another trip after another speech.

-I got the news Monday that Gen. Colin Powell died of Covid related complications at age 84. The news release said he was fully vaccinated.

– I am now getting e-mails from Nancy Pelosi begging for even $3 “to help me keep my Democratic majority in the House.”

-Penny Easn forwarded an e-mail sent to her by Grace Cauthon Bausch that left me chortling and Kimball almost howling. It was a photo of one stalk of corn and said, “Old person’s corn maze.”       KL