When this is over. Let’s remember that it wasn’t the CEO’s & billionaires who saved us, it was the janitors, nurses, truck and bus drivers, farmers and food workers. From Grace Cauthon Bausch

Don’t think gender matters? Go buy at rooster for eggs or a bull for milk. You will soon learn that God knew what he was doing. Always does.

I’m a regular at watching the Old Fashion Gospel Hour (only takes a half hour to watch). Marlin Collins told me about it several years ago. Comes on at 7 a.m. on Ch. 27 each Sunday. Missionary Baptist Churches in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana have sponsored it for almost 50 years judging by the number of episodes. I record it and watch it while I eat breakfast.

They have a real God called preacher each week from one of the member churches.

I have yet to hear one of them preach anything I don’t believe.

They use the King James version of the Bible. They don’t write out their sermons. It’s the real deal. It might help a lost person seek the Lord or might stir up a saved person. I know it would if a person could follow the instructions they give in their sermon.

I was glued to the radio last Thursday listening to Mike Morin and Emily Ford call the Lady Bulldogs’ sectional game with Springfield Catholic. I can tell it all with three sets of scores: 25-13. 25-11 and 25-11. Our girls tried to the very end but it wasn’t our night. Coach Ashley Rogers was classy in her comments on the radio after the game. -Wait until basketball season and we might see another sign on the city limits..

– I’m not moving very fast these days but I managed to catch a bad cold. I had to opt out of a covid booster shot Monday and heed the sign at rehab: If you are sick, don’t come in. I enjoy rehab except walking which the boss, Brooke, and her aids, Juliann and Anita, say is best for me. KL