Kimball recorded “The first 50 years of Star Trek” and I watched about half of it Friday morning while eating breakfast. I was fascinated. I remember most all of that stuff. I did not realize that Star Trek introduced the mini-skirt. I wonder if Gene Roddenberry (or Mr. Spock) said what Robert Fulton (Yes, I remembered that) is reported to have said when he invented the steamboat – “Now we won’t have to wait until the wind blows.”

In response to Mike Morin saying Ashley Rogers was classy for her comments after the loss to Springfield Catholic, I said that she had experience at that level after being on a state championship volleyball team. Kimball wasn’t sure that she was on one of those teams so I took it out to be safe.  But I sent a query to Ashley. Turns out she was on the runner up team in 1998 and the championship team in 1999. I don’t have any class so I’ll say  “Told you so.”

Kimball and I were at courtside for both games. The second time I knew to not wear my El Dorado Springs Bulldog shirt after having to turn it wrong side out the previous year when I obtained my credentials to be on the court to take photos.

I also was sitting on the floor under “our basket” in the state championship girls basketball game when Madison Mays brought the ball down the floor and from what I thought was an improbable distance, swished it for the first points on the game. She thinks (and hopes) this girls team has a chance of going all the way since they didn’t lose anybody to graduation and had a pretty good run last year.

Sometimes we park in the Lions Club Park lot to eat lunch. A prominent feature of the Park is the covered wagon on the east side. When the Lions built the shed that houses it, Dr. Robert Magee was one of the workers. He was driving nails in the west roof while standing on nearly the top step of the folding ladder. I told him, “Doc, it makes me nervous where you are standing. If you don’t mind, I’ll steady your ladder.” He kept driving roofing nails while I held onto his ladder.

That historic wagon has been without its top for several years. It should be repaired by now. Wonder who we remind to get it put back in place on those bare ribs so it looks more presentable to visitors and us locals?

Question for Kenny,

Do people in ElDo miss the Bowling Alley? Where do they Bowl now? I got my paper today and started thinking about that. When I was a Jr. in High School, Kenny was a Sr., I worked at the Bowling Alley. The owners were Harold and Ann Ryan, Bob’s parents. At that time. I went in every day after school and got things ready for League…. that was the job. I also worked Saturday night’s so the adults could have a little time off. That same year I was on a Bowling Team as well. The members were: Kenny Smith, Bill Herbst, Frank Julian, Jim Hutsell and Dicky Wynes.

Now I ask you does that sound like a good team or a party ?

I also think that George Crawford and Brent Barker were on another team on that League.

Just sharing some thoughts.

Bye for now

Dick Wynes