Last Wednesday, Nov. 24, I get a call from the El Dorado Springs Police Department telling me that I had a hole in one of my front windows. I asked how big? I thought the answer was 2 x 3 or in my mind 2 inches x 3 inches. Nope. It was 2 week x 3 feet, or more. The blow sent glass all the way past the middle of the office and we’re still picking up little slivers. My 20+ year old jade plant lost a few small limbs. I was more afraid of the cold that the loss of a few twigs. Then I realized that a jade plant, as delicate as they look, can stand a lot of neglect. Just don’t water them too much..or too little. No problem.

I’m glad to report that Kenny is doing much better. Whatever wasn’t right has given up on trying to best him and he will be in a normal room by Wednesday.

Do you feel like you are in a holding pattern? A little thumb twittling and foot tapping, looking out the window for something? We had the Christmas Parade and now what?

Well, there is the Pancakes with Santa this weekend at the Museum and the Lights of Galilee are from 5 – 9 starting on Friday, Dec. 10. And another breakfast at the Lodge on Dec. 11. And oh my goodness, I forgot about the home decorating that goes on every year. I’m not sure when the judging is. So, all is calm, all is bright, mostly.

I could tell you stories about my cats Jack and Diane, two young cats from America’s Heartland. (check out John Mellencamp.) If Diane could read, she would probably bite me and Jack looks like he could easily roll his eyes – at me and Diane.

Last week I told you about Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s – eating olives and listening to Maba and Uncle Bill. I’ll fill that in later, maybe closer to Christmas when Ross and I did the same things again – ate olives and listened to Maba and Uncle Bill.