We had an unusual Christmas dinner – only adult acting people at the table. Tom and Margaret joined us. Two-year-old, Snider was finishing his nap. That left Cain, Adrian, Van, Kimball and me at the table.  Boy, Van put away some groceries. He liked that sliced ham.

I happened across an old column by Larry Dablemont that reminded me that mushroom season is not that far away.

I’m unsteady on my feet from Covid and general lack of balance, I fell in the bathroom a couple of times which left me feeling like I had gone a couple of losing rounds with the Chiefs. I am not free to cough or laugh. Or sneeze

I enjoyed two stays in Cedar County Memorial Hospital.

Seriously, the nurses were really good to me. Dr, Wyant let me go home for my birthday (and his) on Dec. 14. When he saw me the in his office, he put me right back in for more IV fluids.

My hands and arms are starting to recover from all the pin pricks. I spent so much time there it got to seem like home.

When I woke up on my birthday, there was a handmade birthday card on my tray.  Just had to hit the buzzer when I wanted  go to the bathroom which was a lot.

I’m the only person Dr; Wyant knows who shares his birthday, Dec. 14.

It was a hoot having our grandchildren home. I wasn’t there when they all five met but that went well.  Reese talked a mile a minute. That girl is a talker.

The Gilfoils stopped by our house Sunday to say goodbye about 8:45 a.m. We thought they were going to spend the night in Little Rock like they did coming up.

Next time we heard from them they were in Cain’s hometown, Lake Providence, LA.

Friday,  Kimball left Adrian on she corner   by our office while she ran to the Post Office. Evonne Worthington pulled up and wanted to subscribe. Adrian wasn’t sure how much to charge for a local subscription and didn’t have a key to the office. So she tried to call Gwen and Kimball but didn’t make connection. About that time Kimball drove up, and answered her question, $25.

She heard a report on the Chief’s game of 3 second half touchdowns.  She thought the Chiefs scored in three seconds Then the announcer came over it again and Kimball realized what she heard: Three touchdowns in the second half.  Mahommes is good, just not that good. KL