From the list in the St. Clair County Courier, it looks like most Southwest Missouri fire departments were hauling water to fight the Osceola fire. I find comfort in that. If we ever have a big fire downtown…again and we will, there’s help in nearby towns.

I’ve seen photos of solid sheets of ice from previous fires. You know we are not going to have a major fire on a bright, sunny day.  I made it a point to list every fire department that helped save Osceola. We may need them.

My big ol cousin, Roy Lee Boultinghouse ,was feeling fine a Sunday ago, according to his younger brother, Donald Ray. From what Don told me on the phone, it must have been Covid that hit Roy suddenly and he couldn’t breathe. I haven’t asked anybody if he had taken his shots. Doesn’t matter now. Visitation is Thursday night. His funeral will be Friday morning at BlandHackleman.

I’ve decided shots don’t keep you from getting  Covid. That’s what Dr. Wyant indicated. I had my booster shot twice. Got it anyway, The doctor told me that’s why I survived. Kimball had two shots just like I did. Goes everywhere I go and then some. She hasn’t had Covid yet. And we both have now had our third shot.

When Roy Lee was younger, he sought the Lord. Salvation is permanent. So we know where he is. Better off than we are.

It’s a harder than getting a Covid shot. Ad it’s free. All it will cost you is all your pride. You’ll do it on the Lord’s terms. Not yours.  You can’t accept the Lord. You’ll have to come to the place where he accepts you. I don’t know how to tell you to do that. Just follow the feelings the Lord gives you.             KL