The Cedar County Library in El Dorado Springs presented an excellent program on Wednesday, March 23. Members of the Alexander/Madison Chapter of the KC Area Buffalo Soldiers were at the Civic Center to share their history which began in 1866 with the formation of the 9th and 10th Calvary Units of the United States Army.
Obviously, I never met a Buffalo Soldier, but I never thought I’d meet a descendent of a Buffalo Soldier, someone dedicated to preserving the history.
Ya’ll really missed something. Maybe they’ll be back.
I think I was a little too hard on the Old Farmers. Old can also be used as a term of familiarity or even affection. So, Old Farmers Almanac could be for farmers, young or literally old that already know that stuff. I don’t – farm or know that stuff.
Turkey season is upon us. As I let Caddee out the door Sunday morning, I heard what seemed like the whole timber gobble behind me. Actually, it sounded like they might be in my living room. Since I’m not a hunter, (however, I know some people who are), it is OK with me if they want to strut around my house or even on the deck. I draw the line at the living room.
Did I tell you about the stray cat? He’s a pretty cat, black and white with a beautiful racoon-like tail. He’s fat and sassy – at least not mangey and skinny – and he wants to get into my house. If he belongs to any of you out there, please let me know. Late last week I was out on my driveway early in the morning in my bathrobe tying to sweep him away from Jack and Diane. He wasn’t there Saturday and Sunday morning. Must have taken a cruise around the neighborhood because he was back Sunday afternoon – caught me without my broom. (I’m hardly ever without my broom.)
Remember the Fine Arts Gala is this Friday in the Old Community Building. I asked Kathie Truitt to go with me. She said she would wear her long pink tutu. Now I’m in stew as what to wear that would look good with a long pink tutu. I know what some of you are thinking. I should wear something that would go with my broom. KSL