I went to the Fine Arts Gala Friday Night. Kathie Truitt looked great in her long pink tutu. After viewing the artwork, I sat down and had more than my share of hors d’oeuvres. It was a lovely evening and once again y’all should have been there. You probably would have known more people there than you would’ve have imagined. There were at least two people there I don’t think I knew – the lady that tucked the white tags from the back of my dress down to where they belonged and the lady who picked up some papers that had fallen out of my program. I really need a lot of help. However, not one person commented on my polka dotted shoes. Maybe they felt it better not to.
The stray cat is gone – pretty sure. The other morning Caddee seemed intent on taking a look see down the driveway when I heard this blood curdling scream followed by a lot of coyote yipping. My first thought was where is my broom? So, I called everybody in the house as in get in the house, getin thehouse, getinthehouse. I believe that one of the funnest things for a coyote to do is scare people. My family tells me that is one of two things that I like to do – scare people. The other one is move stuff.
The next time we meet, the first election of the year will be over. By that time, you will know the election results, but we might tell you anyway.