I had to have help getting the fishing report into a format my computer could read. Actually, I had three typos in the entire report and my computer wouldn’t let me correct them.
So what did I do? Kimball had the cell phone number of the guy, Eliott Carpenter, who found the program for me so I called him. He’s working for us this summer until he goes to school at Warrensburg this fall. My roadblock was no problem for him to solve.
I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he becomes part of a team to put man on the moon again.
He learned that he was mentioned in the Rock Wall from another student or family member who reads that part of the newspaper.
What do I need to put in the Rock Wall to get more students and average citizens to read it?
I always ask everyone who is in the office if they have anything? Nope, it’s just me against a blank screen (used to be a blank sheet of paper.)
I must be fairly predictable. I can’t begin to guess how many of you have told me you watched our children grow up in the Rock Wall,
Back to subjects for this column, my wife is the only one who sometimes takes the written page as invitation to get creative. We almost went to war when she totally rewrote one of the best columns I’ve ever written after I’d been in three hospitals in three cities for seven weeks. Minor corrections are needed and welcome. A total rewrite is not. I may have to call some of you for a ride home or a place to sleep. I guess Jarrod Schiereck could provide both – a ride and a place to sleep. I don’t wear any jewelry so I won’t need the bracelets.
I may need that ride tonight after the boss reads this. She takes very good care of me. It’s a strain on her loading and unloading my walker.
I have an appointment with Dr. Wyant Friday. Hope I can get my blood sugar low enough that he and his neuro-surgeon buddies can operate to drain off some of my water on the brain into my body cavity to relieve my imbalance so I can lose my walker and drive a car. I’m tired of being a cripple.
I get face book items in my e-mail. Got the same one from my niece about 10 or 20 times over several days. One Monday from a distant cousin almost made me blush. In fact, I asked Kimball what it meant and she didn’t know either. KL