Here we are just about to step into 2017. I remember, as most of you likely do, that some would-be prophets thought the world would end when the calendar turned from 19 to 20.

And they said the computers couldn’t handle the turn over. I checked that out by lying to my computer – changing the calendar and letting it roll over from 1999 to 2000. We’ve been tricking our computers for years to get you a better newspaper. I remember when Brad True and I used to do that all the time to get the computerized darkroom camera to shoot film at the exposure we wanted. In fact, when we first got Photoshop, I was so accustomed to using the darkroom camera, I didn’t think I wanted to make the change. When I saw what Photoshop could do, I changed over the first week.

Did you and yours have a nice Christmas? Hope so. Kimball and I just had a quite one, then Davis came out later and got in on the shrimp cocktail and prime rib and the Chiefs game. Kimball doesn’t like to eat turkey twice that close together. The turkeys appreciate that. The steers don’t.

Christmas Eve Kimball and I stopped by the office after church and she grabbed the Christmas lights issue. As we had planned earlier, we went around and looked at the Christmas light winners and the honorable mentions. We appreciated all the hard work a lot of you did for the rest of us to enjoy. Our biggest surprise came at the 4th place winner, Clayton and Shanyn Peterson, 1705 Van. We were sitting in front of the house still looking for the bright lights. Suddenly I realized that they had the front of the house decorated with muted blue lights. Very subtle. I like subtle in decorations and humor. Of course, I like bright, too.

When we got to the south end of Van, we turned left on Airport Road and went all the way to Jack’s Tavern Road and out to Hwy. 54 enjoying the decorations outside the city limits.

– I guess it’s time to make New Years resolutions… if you think you really need to change anything. Do you really think you are going to change?

Who knows? I might decide to actually change something.

– I just asked Kimball if she has any suggestions for me. Back came, “No. Have you talked about the first baby?” Guess I’d better. Area merchants have a great selection of gifts (listed on Page 10) for the first baby born in 2017 to parents who live in a community served by the El Dorado Springs Sun as listed on the front page. Notify the Sun within 48 hours and make an appointment to bring your pride and joy to the Sun office for a photo.

-We wish each and everyone a Happy, Safe and Prosperous 2017. KL

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