I was cruising through Virginia Ryan Strain’s “Peek at the Past” in our Centennial issue and the first item I found was her article about the origins of the Rock Wall which she said was built twice to keep Main Street from washing into the Park. When I was a kid, when we drove through town, my Dad would say, “There are the Rock Wall characters, solving the world’s problems.”
I just got a nice letter from Jesse Weddington who is in Federal Prison and said he reads the Rock Wall in jail as well as the Prison Ministry newsletter from Word of Life Christian Fellowship Inc, located in Rock Wall, TX. He asked how long I have been writing the Rock Wall and where I came up with the name.
I’ve been writing the Rock Wall since 1979 except when I was MIA in the hospital three or so times. Then my wife, Kimball, the publisher, wrote and it signed it KSL.
As I said, I took the name from the prominent structure that holds the street out of the Park.
This Monday, June 20, the city council plans on discussing problems with the creek that runs below the city pool that creates all kinds of problems. The pool loses water daily because of the crack in the bottom. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m.
Our one-year-old grandson, Nash, is walking and had an accident Monday, when he hit the corner of a table and went to the hospital for stitches on his forehead.
I have an appointment with the doctor Tuesday to try to adjust some of my medications to get my sugar readings down. I need to do that so the neurosurgeon can get the water off my brain so I can walk. I found an ad on TV for a product that was supposed to help that listed the last possible side effect as nausea. Should have been the first.
Last Monday night I was laying on the sofa waiting to go home when my stomach kept churning. Then I did something that Kimball and Davis hadn’t seen but a few times – 46 years for her and 33 years for him.
They took me to the emergency room. Got great treatment from the doctor. After a water IV, a cat scan and a chest x-ray, they sent me home about 9 a.m.
And here I am on another Monday, ready to go home.