You’ve probably seen me on my walker. I have to use it to stay upright. It has been my constant companion day and night for at least the past year, probably longer. I don’t sit in it, but I park it beside my bed and when Kimball calls me to breakfast in the morning, I mount up for the trip to my chair to eat.
Well, I’ve worn it out. Brakes don’t work reliably. When Kimball said it was time for a new one I was ready. A service man from Physician’s Medical delivered two today to the office for me to inspect. Both have bigger wheels, better brakes and a bigger, more secure storage box – all improvements I needed. I was not sorry to see the old one go. I took one that weighs less so it will be easier to lift and does everything I need done.
I’ d like to be able to turkey hunt again. I’ve got a teen aged grandson I need to introduce to my style of fishing like his momma asked me to do.
Hopefully I’ll soon be able to undergo a procedure to correct my imbalance. If things go wrong I’ll use the sweet peace I got while on my face under the altar at Grace Missionary Baptist Church on June 23, 1961.
Either way I win,. We know Kimball can write the Rock Wall. She just needs to forget some of her education and tell you what she really thinks.
I know I don’t inflict any of my political opinions on you. I watch “Hannity” for those and Nadine on Larry’s County Diner.”
Mark your calendars for the weekend of October 14-16. It promises to be a fun fall weekend starting with the “Cedar Bowl” on Friday the 14th, followed by the Chili Cook-Off (downtown) on Saturday the 15th, and for the weekend finale is an NFL watch party at the Opera House Theater where you can view the Chiefs playing the Bills on the big screen @ 3:25 p.m. on Sunday the 16th. KL