If you read the Rock Wall last week, it was because Davis came out late and worked his magic to get it to go over the wire.
Kimball got me to Springfield Tuesday to see the neurosurgeon, Dr. Sami. It was worth the wait. Fine man. Quiet demeanor like Dr. Wyant or Hospital CEO Terry Nichols, but very thorough. He’s going to have an MRI done at CCMH.
For the first time in my life and after hundreds of thousands of miles, I got carsick both going and coming. That was no picnic. I just don’t upchuck. When I did three times the other night at the office, Kimball and Davis took me to the emergency room. The nurses remembered me from when I had Covid. One told me the only thing she reads is this column.
Get this. I had it again as they were about to send me home. Nobody got excited. They just told me to wear a mask and quarantine five days. I stayed home. Kimball hasn’t had it yet.
The Nearly Famous wasn’t open so we got delicious chicken fingers at Cane’s. I felt well enough to eat three of my four, then I got carsick again. Just on the verge of losing it, but not quite. Same going down. I’ve heard that rats can’t upchuck.
For several days I heard about a Chinese balloon over the US, even northwest Missouri. I wondered why somebody didn’t just put a bullet in it. Trey Gowdy showed why last night. It was above the con trails jets leave. Trey showed a rocket puncturing it. Question: How did they know it was from China? KL