All week I’ve asked Kimball what I should talk to you about this week. I figured you’d be tired of shot down UFOs. But they just keep coming.
There have been four since Feb. 4. Somebody keeps sending cannon fodder.
I heard a reporter ask an Air Force general if there are more objects in the sky or if they have increased the sensitivity of their detection equipment. On the news Saturday the president admitted that we have increased the sensitivity of the detection equipment. He also said Friday that the recovery has been completed on the balloon he shot down and it is definitely a spy balloon.
I don’t think they know where they are coming from. Except the big balloon. China asked for the parts back we are salvaging off the east coast where the jet put a Side Winder missile through it. I wouldn’t give them the parts.
I’d like to know what is going on. Of course, if they told me, they’d probably have to kill me.
I’ve only seen one UFO. About 10 p.m. on a summer night, Davis noticed a full sized jet at full altitude towing an apparently empty box which was bigger than the plane and had a red light on each corner. It was headed generally toward Springfield. Somebody NW of
El Dorado saw it, too.
I hope we can get back to normal where we worry about the dates of the Picnic and who the Council has contracted for entertainment, important stuff. KL