This is a first: a combination Rock Wall and fishing report. Reason: cold weather.
I had trouble as always getting my cell phone to work out here in the country so Kimball took over, talked to the fishing reporters and relayed the messages.
Bobby Dains said the spoonbills are waiting for warmer water and a lot more of it. Nobody is catching fish at Caplinger. Not enough water. Stockton Lake is low and cold.
When I fished with clubs in Birmingham, Shreveport and New Orleans, we had a bass tournament every month regardless. I haven’t talked to any of the guys to see how this weather is affecting them. Matthew and Bruce Rogers won a crappie tournament on D’Arbonne in Louisiana recently.
Kimball talked to Becky Collins who said her husband, Allen, came through his surgery well and is on his road to recovery. Kimball asked Lynn Smith how Larry did after his knee replacement. He said he had his surgery and should come home soon.
I don’t think I have ever seen a spring stay this cold this long. We have the usual spring flowers but Kimball is afraid to leave the 100 or so she started outside overnight and most days. It’s like a rain forest in here.
Kimball just got home from taking our oldest grandson, Ben, to see the Lions Club murder mystery. His other grandmother, Kim, bought him a good set of golf clubs that are the envy of the club house and he is taking lessons.
His mom asked me to teach him to fish and I will as soon as I wouldn’t have to teach him to pound ic out of the reel. He knows how to cast overhand but we have to work on side arm to get the bait under overhanging tree branches. That’s where the fish hand out. Cast too high and that’s where your bait hangs out forever unless you go get it. KL