Did you watch the debate of the Repuibcan presidential candidates? I did and saw some of them for the first time.I thought what they said was interesting but I’m looking forward to watching a future debate or debates.
Sounds like we’re about to get a break from the dangerous heat. Thank God.
We were supposed to have a photo last week of two fishermen holding their big catfish for Bobby Dains camera. He did his part and I handed my phone to the proper person, I thought. Don’t know what went wrong. Kimball tells me she got it straightened out.
I enjoyed Kimball’s interview with Karl Allison last week. He said his goal when he was in high school was to run a service station and he wants to keep doling it until he’s 100. I remember all of Karl’s businesses. She didn’t mention that his dad, Ben Allison, helped run the original station. I think Ben had a mail route.
I’ve heard Karl say he did it all on 20 or 25 acres.
I’ve heard it said if you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s not work and Karl is having fun. KL

Last Friday when I walked out of the grocery store, I noticed dark clouds and streaks of rain to the northeast. I was hoping it would rain enough that I didn’t have to go home and water. A little while later, when I was back at the office, Kenny called and told me a tree had fallen on the house. Several weeks ago, a large branch fell in front of my north door.
When I got home, I realized that the tree that deposited a nuisance in front of my door was the same tree the landed on the northwest corner of my house. It was actually one of four trees that had grown together and has been the subject of many of my photographs. What with Kenny saying that the wind was blowing about 70 miles an hour, it broke away from the other three trees and headed straight for the house. Luckily (I guess) it didn’t spear the house, only covered the roof with a leafy green mess. I spent Saturday looking for help and Sunday after the Homecoming Services at Concord, I watched the tree being taken down and chopped up for firewood. One of the other trees will be taken down, leaving two to carry on the tradition of being my favorite tree.
But all is well. Everything did get watered and the main damage to the roof is smashed gutters and a few holes in the roof. Fixable, I’ve been told. KSL