Here I sit at 2:02 a.m. Tuesday morning for our little chat.

A couple of complications might interest you:

• The guvment says if I am well enough to go the office then I’m well enough to go home. They probably have a point.

• I have a catheter the size small garden hose they say will keep me in Community Springs a few more days.

Short story behind that: I started getting sick at my stomach… a lot. Doctors decided one kidney was larger and needed to be drained.  Sent me to Springfield to have the oversize catheter installed, then operated in the middle of it with a rotor router,

They are going to leave it in a few days to see if I need more attention.

Meanwhile I’m having a ball. The staff here is giving me wonderful treatment. The Springfield hospital was OK but it wasn’t homefolks. The had three wristbands on me and the same nurses asked me several times an hour for my full name and date of birth,

As soon as I got here, they cut off the wristbands. It’s “Hi, Kenny,” from staff and residents alike.

They gave me a roommate everybody likes – Paul Hooper. After only a few days, I do, too.

I’ve worked with his daughter-in-law, Tonya, forever while she was the volleyball coach.

Some of the ornerier staff members have expressed some concern about that I might reveal here. Should have thought about that sooner.

There’s obviously no hope for Gabby Kinnett, but we might be able to salvage her student, Brooke Rains. Monday while I was recuperating for their abuse in the therapy facility, I was talking of my cell phone to Mary True in our office. Brooke told me, “You’re not talking to anyone your phone.” I handed Brooke the phone. The tune changed.

Mary, Gwen, Davis and Kimball run a tight ship whether I’m there or not.

-Folks, it’s time for you to pay attention to the Cedar County Ambulance Board again.

While I’ve been out of circulation, Tami Ringler has been good enough to keep us up to date.

– Four people are running the meetings.

– They are holding all their meetings in Stockton instead of alternating as has been voted on it the minutes.

– Board members are so important and the district has so much cash, they pay themselves to attend – more if they are officers.

– They have a masoleum in the planning stage in Stockton and won’t even consider a “lesser” facility the hospital has offered “for pennies on the dollar.” A former board member predicted this would happen.

– The storm Monday evening was impressive. The staff here had everyone in the halls while the wind roared and sirens blared. The residents who have all seen a storm or three did not seem concerned. One did ask if it was time to pray. When is that not appropriate?

– Did I mention that Adrian took a few days off to help me At the Springfield hospital? It was a welcome visit. And Monday night Davis rush home to be with his mother while the wind had electrical subs arching. KL

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