I was standing at the sink shaving Tuesday morning when I had one of those light bulb moments. I suddenly realized how much effort Adrian had to put out to come be by my bedside while I was in the hospital in Springfield a couple of weeks ago.

And now we ask, why didn’t I know that sooner?

It just seemed natural having her there. Never occurred to me she had driven, I guess, 500 miles to get there. I think she went back home to Baton Rouge to Cain, her understanding and supportive husband, on Saturday after they got me to the nursing home here, and to Merle, their totally non-understanding (actually, don’t care), but lovable nine-month-old Aussie-Doodle cross between an Australian Shepard and a Poodle – a hypo-allergenic breed so his pet dandruff won’t lock up Cain’s allergies.

Now get this folks – Merle loves other dogs so much he whines when they pick him up from the boarding kennel because he doesn’t like to leave his friends. They are even considering getting Merle a dog. Say what? Yep, get their big puppy and dog. Of course, Cain misses Penny, Adrian’s little Min-Schnauzer which was his constant lap-warmer, so Cain and Merle would “share.”

-OK, I’m finding out from Kimball that my dates are all off. But I am sure that last Thursday, Dr. Casey said, “The Rock Wall was better this week.” Glad to get that diagnosis. He really needs to hold off on giving me wobble juice early in the week.

And Kimball brought me up to speed on all the visits from her and Davis. I guess I acted like I recognized them but the recording thing between my ears wasn’t working. I did appreciate their visits, but just didn’t remember that I appreciated them. Do now.

– We were surprised to learn over the weekend of the death of Denny Basore. Nice guy.

– And we have the obituaries of two of my fellow residents from the nursing home.

-Davis just asked me if I had heard any turkeys then he remembered where I’ve been. He did listen one morning but didn’t hear any gobbling. Maybe we can get morel mushrooms to gobble so we can find them. Don’t seem to have any trouble getting gobblers to go silent.

– Just had a follow-up office/home visit as we were chatting. It was Gabby (Morgan) Kinnet at the front counter. She wanted to know if I was doing my exercises. She almost answered for me – No. After our session at my front counter, as she left Gabby said she would send me a bill. Let’s see – if we charge it to the dust and let the rain settle it…

-From the front counter you can observe about 14 feet of a jumble that looks like a train wreck – the hand built masterpiece of Cecil Blystone donated by Vicky Price. We have someone looking at fixing the broken parts then it will be on display at the Museum.

– Gotta run – speaking figuratively. KL