CW Spohn and I were reminiscing about farm events as teenagers. He was helping an uncle on a dairy farm when a tour came through about 8 a.m. as they were finishing the morning milk. A very prime and proper lady with a fresh hair do for the event stood right behind one of the cows. CW offered some advice, “I wouldn’t stand there.” The lady knew her rights, “You can’t tell me where to stand.” CW agreed meekly, “OK.’

Suddenly the cow added substance to the lady’s hair do and all body parts below that.

The woman’s husband reacted typically. She demanded, “What are you laughing at?” He replied, “He told you not to stand there.”

As she huffed back to the vehicle, she said, “Aren’t you going to come with me?” Husband said, “No, I’m going to finish the tour.” And he did.

– Cedar County Clerk Peggy Kenney told me the Vietnam Wall Committee plans to contact family members of fallen soldiers whose names are on the wall for a special ceremony. If you don’t hear from the committee, contact Peggy. I’ll put any releases they give me in the newspaper.

I just got something from Heather York in the courthouse. The Wall that Heals will arrive at the Stockton Football Field on Thursday, May 11, and leave Sunday, May 14. It will be open 24 hours. Free admission.

There will be a memorial ceremony at 10 a.m. Saturday. The exhibit will close at 4 p.m. Sunday.

– I got an email about midday from Trish Yasger telling me she didn’t think she would complete her spoonbill report in time for our deadline and it appears she was correct. Good luck and be careful out there.

-I’m hearing varying reports on morel mushroom. Friends who usually find hundreds say they weren’t up yet as of the weekend. On Saturday, Davis and I went to a normally sure fire area and didn’t find a one.

Another family found 73 morels and three harmless snakes.

I haven’t heard from the Mushroom King. I dialed his number at 6:12 on Tuesday evening and didn’t get an answer. Reckon where he and Rhonda would be?

– Went to the El Dorado Springs High School home track meet Tuesday afternoon. Hundreds of talented athletes. I had to pick the events that ran early and get back to the office. Athletic Director Mike Durnell mentioned that they had a new event so I stopped by the javelin throw. It looked like the athletes were tossing colorful, but potentially deadly, toothpicks. Never seen that contest before so I don’t know if they have to make it land point down to count. Only one competitor got every throw to stick.

– With spring turkey season opening Monday, I guess it is time for Davis and me to put on our turkey camo, get out amongst the ticks and chiggers and spend some quality time taking our shotguns on long walks in the woods. We went mushrooming on Saturday and all I got was a couple of ticks. Time to break out the pymithrin, Chemical bug swatters are so much better than screen wire on a handle that Grandpa Long called a fly flapper.

I’m running at about 50% with a very shallow reservoir tank of energy, but I’m interested in doing more. KL

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