Wanna help ElDo win again? You’ve done it every time before.We’ve had several requests for the “Thankful For Our Community” contest mentioned at the Chamber luncheon.

The link to the contest voting page is:  https://a.cstmapp.com/voteme/18255/619475838?ep1=fb.

Our essay vying for a $5,000 prize is to benefit the Opera House Arts Council for a new Spring Park sound system. This outstanding essay was penned by our community’s own Debbie Vickers. The essay that earns the most votes will automatically be a WINNER. The next nine essays that receive the most votes will be submitted to a panel of judges, who will choose four more recipients.  Voting will end April 24.

Currently there are 27 essays submitted.  We are in second place with 339 votes. The leading essay is ahead of ours by 125+/-.  Of course we want to secure first place for the AUTOMATIC $5,000.  So please VOTE and SHARE.

-I didn’t know Gary Peterman well even though he and Hack started Hacklemean-Peterman Funeral Home here. But after I read his obituary written by someone who obviously knew and loved him, I felt like I knew him a lot better. It’s in this issue.

– Adrian’s nephew, four-year-old Gus, son of Cain’s sister, Beth Nettles, and her husband, Wynn, is a bright one. He knows the names of most of the dinosaurs. When Kimball visited them, he took her to his room to talk dinosaurs and knew some new ones she didn’t. The other day, Gus wanted to know why Beth and Wynn were his parents. And what’s his two year old brother, Mack’s, last name? And what’s God’s last name? Is it Zilla? KL