The big news next week is the traveling Vietnam Wall coming to Stockton. If you want to know more about the original Wall, get on the internet to thewall –

– I just got a press release from Community Springs Health Care Facility that they are having a “date night” for residents – a private dinner of their choice with a spouse or significant other of their choice. I think that is just pretty neat. You know I spent about a week in there while getting adjusted to my garden hose size catheter.  From Day 1, the staff was trying to get me out of there… in a nice way. This is just another tool to make residents feel at home. I’m impressed.

– We’re getting close to the end of school. Wonder if the natives are getting restless. I’d bet the teachers are.

– Turkey season for me was atrocious. Rained about every day. I don’t like to hunt in the rain and in the wind. Didn’t.

– Mark Boch came in the other day. He told Kimball he found lots of mushrooms. I think Mark has hunted them long enough that he has the cycle figured out – when mushrooms don’t pop here and here, they are likely there.

– Kimball says we have an opening for a part-time person Wednesday mornings inserting papers. Apply at the Sun office in person.

– Kimball has been on a spring cleaning tear at the office and at home. She spends a lot of time on a ladder at home organizing kitchen cabinets. I think she just wants to be looked up to. This morning about 4 a.m. I almost had to waken her, but I looked a couple of cabinets over and found the cheese cutter. Probably saved my life. I haven’t looked for anything in the tool drawer yet that got a complete overhaul. Folks, I’m convinced that the goal is not to make anything easier to find or more convenient.

She’s already “done” the office getting ready for our TV station. She tells me Davis ordered the camera the other day. She has a wall targeted for removal to make more room for the studio.

More on that when I find out. So far, I can still find my office. KL

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