Grandpa Long used to say that people make more money in a wet year than in a dry one. I think he was talking about farmers and cattlemen. Of course, farmers have to be able to get their crops out of the field. Judging by my riding lawnmower, harvesting crops will be a mess. I have to be careful where I mow or I’ll be getting the pickup… again…to pull the lawnmower out.

Kimball hates that because it always interrupts something important that she is doing. I’ve gotten less adventurous with my mower because of that. Every time I get it stuck I’m on level ground, just in a weepy spot. I use the log chain neighbor, Rod, gave me, but I have to ask Kimball to either drive the pickup or the mower.

Saturday I had to have her help to hold the ramps so I could get the mower elevated to remove the blades for sharpening. When I upgraded to my overhead winch, I still wanted Kimball to observe in case the hook slipped and the mower came crashing down. It didn’t. Cell phone reception is spotty out there and I didn’t want to lie under a mower until dark thirty.

With all the rain, the grass and weeds have gotten too tall to mow in one pass. I got over everything Saturday with the mower set at maximum height. Monday evening about 7 when I got home. I re-mowed for about an hour and still have more to go. Those tall weeds sure are stubborn.

-Adrian and Cain are driving up to Springfield over Memorial Day to visit Casey Collins Crocker, husband, Josh and son, Christian. We’ll go see them.

– Tuesday I went to lunch late to feed myself and pick up food from Kimball and Davis who were working on the senior tab. In walked Gator Hutchison and his son, Landon, who I invited to sit down. Soon, Kenny Messick walked in and joined us.

Now, Gator and Landon had just returned home at 2 a.m. Tuesday from a calf roping competition and were going to head back out Tuesday evening to another one down by Oklahoma City. Landon is the competitor. Gator is the stable hand, he says.

When Landon was little he wanted to ride bulls and bucking horses. Gator said he told him that if he would get into roping, he would keep a good horse under him. Deal.

Kenny Messick just listened and ate. He said he’d never had a good experience with a horse.

The conversation was so interesting I was a couple of minutes late for my photo of our track stars going to the state meet this weekend. I told them I hope they have as much success as Lance did after I photoed him last year. KL