On April 17, Adrian and Cain called us at the office and told us a secret that we couldn’t tell anyone. She had just been to her doctor and got confirmation that she is expecting our first grandchild. She told a few family members and close friends. Due date is Nov. 28.

She observed later in the day on April 17, “You didn’t seem surprised.” I told her it was logical since they had just moved into a new (to them) house with several bedrooms. I told her Mom and Dad moved onto their farm in March 1946 and I was born in December.

About a month later, she told us we could tell everyone, but I could not put it in the Rock Wall. So we did that.

They had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago to check out Baby Gilfoil’s spinal column but the baby hid and they couldn’t get a reading.

Monday Adrian had another doctor’s appointment for an ultrasound. This one was supposed to tell them the gender of our grandchild. Well, they kinda got a reading, but for some reason, the doctor isn’t 100% sure. Lacking that certainty, Adrian doesn’t want me to make an announcement yet here. She has told several of her friends so you may hear something. She goes back for an ultrasound on July 13 and expects a more definitive answer then.

She and Cain are rolling some names off their tongues, but they are not ready to announce any of them.

Kimball and I found out the old fashioned way. When Dr. Reynolds delivered Adrian, I told Kimball, “We have a daughter.”

When he delivered Davis, I told Kimball, “It’s Davis Charles.” Adrian is named after both sides of Kimball’s family – her dad was Adrian, her grandma, on whose birthday Adrian was born, was Bernice.

Grandma Boultinghouse’s maiden name was Davis. Grandpa Long’s first name was Charlie. Grandma was Nettie Elizabeth. So it was going to be Davis Charles or Davis Elizabeth.

All we asked for is what we now ask for Baby Gilfoil – a healthy baby and a healthy mom. KL