With only a week to go, it’s OK to start thinking Picnic. When I was in Birmingham, Shreveport and New Orleans, I wouldn’t start thinking about coming home until it was almost time to throw and go. Kept me from peaking out early.

I got some welcome Picnic news this week when an article crossed my desk. Robin’s Hood will play at 8 p.m. Saturday night of the Picnic. The group, led by Dr. Sam Watts MD, has played a few times here, but I only got to hear them once. I plan to be there Saturday night to hear them again.

We are in for a musical treat. Ron Alumbaugh is good enough that he fits right in with the group. They don’t overwhelm the listeners with loud sounds, they do it with subtle talent. If you look at the various hometowns of the players, you’ll find that Dr. Watts has cast a wide net to bring in really talented musicians who can perform up to his standards. When you are in the audience, it becomes readily apparent that each one of them plays and/or sings because they love it. I think you will, too.

– The first two of our five Picnic armband certificates have been found. There’s one more out there waiting to be found. Davis will hide one more this week and put the clues on facebook, then one more next week before the Picnic.

– Kimball and I will see you at the Picnic next Wednesday night after prayer meeting in time to get an Eagle Burger and photo the winners at the street dance.                               KL

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