I was late to the Chiefs/Patriots game Thursday night because I was taking pictures of the Volley Dogs match against Lamar. I knew the football game was going to start without me, but I wanted to see the outcome after the Volley Dogs won the first one and lost the second. They won the hard fought third game.

Everyone in the gym held his or her collective breath when Kayla Collins went down hard with a knee injury just after Teddy Payne, the only doctor in the house, went home.

Coach Rogers told me this week Kayla is doing OK.

The football game on Harold’s 70 ft. screen came to be because Davis wanted to see football on a huge screen and some of his buddies did, too. It took a lot of help but they made it happen.

After the game, I told Harold that Kimball and I were sitting in my pickup when the Chevy ad came on the big screen and she wondered what he thought. Harold said he told somebody, “We’re going to have to screen those commercials.” I could tell he was pleased with the turnout and the Chiefs’ victory.

So were Davis, Justin Culbertson and Tate Thoreson. Relieved might be more accurate.

– Next up after a 25-year plus absence – a rodeo is coming to town this Friday and Saturday at the Land O Lakes Youth Fairgrounds. Information is on the front page of the Super Shopper.

Be careful what you wear so you don’t have to tell somebody, “I ain’t no cowboy. I just found this hat.”

– I watched a segment of Larry’s County Diner while I couldn’t sleep Monday night, then this morning played the part for Kimball where the celebrity guest said the preacher was shaking hands with the congregation after church on Sunday when a little boy put $5 in the preacher’s hand. The preacher told him he didn’t have to do that. The boy said, “Yes, I do. My dad said you are the poorest preacher we’ve ever had.” KL

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