When I came into town Tuesday, as I passed the Police Chief Barn, as Davis used to call it, (Kimball said someone at City Council called it the Cop Shop) anyway, the red, white and blue was at half staff.  I just nodded my head and said somberly, “I agree.”

When I went by the Post Office, it was the same. I made an effort to see through the trees in the Park. City Hall was the same.

You’ll have to overlook me for being slow, but I just don’t get any message from the senseless killing of people the shooter didn’t even know, (not that I ever agree with the mass murderers.)

After some of these past mass killings, I’ve had fleeting thoughts that somebody in the right place might have interrupted it or prevented it all together. I’m blank on this one.

I still believe that the only thing that will consistently stop an armed bad person is an armed good person. So, I’m not in favor of stronger anti-gun laws because they will just disarm the good people.

– As I was listening to Joe and Mike call the Bulldog/East Newton game, I was pleased that Coach Scroggins added a new weapon to his arsenal. Brayden Housh kicked two PATs, point after touchdown, with Blake Holder as the long snapper and Colten Collins as the holder. The team could likely have continued to make two point conversions, but this gives the coach a new option he didn’t have before. I can tell you this, there is no danger of me trying to practice football without a license like Dr. Reynolds said is common in the community for medicine. I’m not ever a very knowledgeable spectator. Friday night is going to be interesting against a state ranked (No. 6) and undefeated Pierce City team.

-Kimball made it down to Shreveport and back for a baby shower. At church Sunday, Danny Bell asked me if she flew. I told him, “Low.”

I couldn’t go because Kimball’s brother, Ross and his wife, Diane, have turned their extra bedroom into an office for her to do contract work on oil division orders, whatever that is. Barely had room for Kimball.

Adrian called Monday to say her doctor’s appointment found Little Boudreaux (Kimball’s name for him because that is the doctor’s last name and Kimball was named after her mother’s Ob/Gyn) in the proper position for blastoff Nov. 28 or there abouts.

It was a mother/daughter baby shower with several of Adrain’s recently married friends, their mothers and some of them with their young ‘uns.

Kimball got her grandson a onesey – a one piece garment the proudly announces, “Actually, this IS my first rodeo.” KL.

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