We held our breath while Hurricane Nate was a loose cannon in the Gulf. Adrian and Cain live in Baton Rouge.

We finally knew Saturday evening that Nate was going to go east of them. Adrian said they got rain during the day Saturday but not from the hurricane.

It’s about 50 days until Baby Gilfoil is due to arrive so we’re a little protective of Adrian even from this distance. I asked Kimball how many miles are between us and Adrian. She said to ask Google. It told me 539 miles.

Kimball said, “That’s a lie. It’s 500 to Shreveport.” So I Googled that.

The computer said it is 370 miles.

That must be as the crow or one of the North Korean missiles flies, so to speak. We know that by car it’s closer to 500 or eight hours driving time.

Some of you long haul truckers may know the closest route and how many hours.

– Adrian and Cain visited her hospital Monday night. They went over the procedure for admission and such. They didn’t get to see any of the delivery rooms because they were all in use.

I’d say that is a good sign that she will get an experienced staff.

I doubt that Adrian will remember, but when we took Kimball to CCMH when Davis was about to arrive, three -year-old Adrian kept saying she wanted to “Push Buts.” We didn’t have a clue what that meant until we were standing outside the hospital emergency room entrance and Adrian got to push the buzzer button to get in. The last thing she saw of Momma was Kimball in a wheel chair being wheeled down the hall.

She spent the night with my parents and they took her to daycare. When I picked her up and told her we were going to see her brother, she said excitedly, “He’s here? Now?”

When we introduced them, Adrian offered Davis some of the balloons Hospital Administrator Arlene Moomaw had given her.

We thought then she might get over that. She did, kinda.

Baby Gilfoil will be greeted at home by a rambunctious Aussie Poo (Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix), Merle, who doesn’t have an enemy in the world. That could get interesting. KL

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