Did everybody Fall Back OK Sunday morning? Kimball set some of our clocks back before we went to bed.

You may need that extra hour of sleep Saturday morning if you get up to go deer hunting. I think it’s supposed to be cool and maybe wet.

I call cold below 40 ̊ where you don’t have to worry about your deer spoiling.

– Here it is almost the middle of November and the trees are just now putting on their fall show. For several years, Kimball and I thought we had Peak Color pinned down to Oct.15.

– Wasn’t that church shooting terrible? You might think that if you are doing the Lord’s work, he will be the protection detail. If you’ll look in the Old Testament, some of the Children Israel who were rebuilding a wall, worked with one hand and held a spear in the other. And David, when he went up against Goliath, didn’t pray for the giant. That turned out OK.

Because of the Texas church massacre, Kimball and I thought we should call some law enforcement professionals to put a local spin on it. The Cedar County Prosecutor, the Cedar County Sheriff and the El Dorado Springs Police Chief were glad to share their expertise with you. And each thought it might be a good idea for at least some in the congregation to be armed. Let the governing body of the church say so. See their interviews in this issue.

– The Utility Crew started putting up the El Dorado Springs Christmas decorations on Tuesday. Don’t know if it was a rush of Canadian air that inspired them or the approaching Christmas parade and festivities the next weekend, Nov. 18.

– Do you remember about 31 years ago when we had a tiny baby that wanted to sleep all day and play all night? When I last spoke with that grown up baby, she had one of her own paying her back and she was so tired she shed some tears.

Enter the benevolent mother-in-law and grandma, Jennifer Gilfoil. She was going to baby-sit that day while Adrian slept and Jennifer was going to implement the advice of the pediatrician who recommended a remedy I came up on my own 31 years ago – keep Van awake during the day so he, Adrian and Cain could sleep that night. At first they were afraid to try that with a baby who came a month early. But the doctor said something has to give. We all know that little tykes are geniuses at figuring out what they can get away with.

If you want to make a fortune, go ahead and write that instruction book and operating manual that never seems to get delivered with the baby. KL

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