Members of Boy Scout 230, Scout leaders, the Fire Chief and I were at the Veterans Memorial in City Cemetery at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the time the Armistice was signed ending WWI, but there was no one there to conduct the ceremony.

Scouts (and leaders) to the rescue. The Scouts had spent their morning planting 150 flags on the graves of veterans in City Cemetery. The leaders told me they may order 600 for next year.

I have become friends with Derrill Price III who never met his father, Derrill Price Jr., a 1969 Vietnam casualty. I took a photo of the new stone Derrill and his mother, Peggy Potter Price, have added recently. I included in the photo, the tiny flag the Scouts had placed. I wondered if it would be OK to send the photo. I know that emotions are still raw in that family. I hoped the Scouts’ remembrance would be well received.

It was. I plan to publish Derrill’s letter next week. Kimball already had the pages locked down for this week.

-The school board and the audience got a lesson in big numbers last Thursday night when Supt. Mark Koca went over the construction budget and potential costs and savings associated with the nine alternates. I’m glad Mark has a long history of working with construction. The contractor may not be so glad because it looks like Mark catches everything. I’m anxious to see the results.

– We got to spend some “Face Time” with our grandson Tuesday. Davis has that feature on his phone and so does Adrian. Van peacefully slept through it, saving his strength for Tuesday night. It’s about to kill Adrian but she’s glad to be a momma.

Cain, Adrian and Van’s dog, Merle, is missing his long walks, Adrian said, but he’s making up for it by stealing Van’s pacifier. Wonder if that 45 lbs. of fluff will turn vicious if he thinks his baby is threatened. Hope so. KL

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